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What is a photocopier?


A photocopier (also known as a copier, copy machine, MFD or multifunctional device) is a machine that makes copies of documents and other visual images in colour and mono onto paper or plastic film with ink jet or laser technology.

Businesses purchase or lease photocopiers from managed print service providers to improve the efficiency of their document management around the office. Software solutions can also aid efficiencies and the security of documents.

Types of photocopiers


There are 8 types of photocopiers

Black & White Photocopiers

A black and white photocopier only uses one toner or ink cartridge colour – black (k). They produce monochrome (mono) photocopies, which is why they are called mono devices. Mono photocopiers are perfect for businesses that print a lot of invoices, emails and documents that do not require colour. Mono photocopiers are generally cheaper to run due to their only needing to print a single colour rather than all four that you would find in a colour machine.

Colour Photocopiers

Unlike mono photocopiers, colour photocopiers are able to produce coloured copies. The colour photocopier prints black and white as well as colour which makes them an ideal choice for businesses. Colour photocopiers use 4 toners or 4 ink cartridges – Cyan (c), magenta (m), Yellow (y) and Black (k) this is generally known as CMYK printing. These photocopiers can produce many different colours in the CMYK spectrum leaving a great high quality finish for businesses. Colour machines generally cost more to run due to the device having to use more energy using 4 colours unlike the mono photocopier that only has one.

Analogue Photocopiers

Analogue photocopiers are have been phased out because they are unreliable due to the mechanical problems they often get. You can still purchase one of these copiers but they are using old technology which isn't efficient. Analogue photocopiers uses lights, lenses and mirrors to reflect the image of the document onto a photo receptor. With these devices being so such old technology, the support and replacement parts will be increasingly difficult to find if anything goes wrong.

Desktop Photocopiers

A desktop photocopier, provides the perfect solution for businesses that don't have a lot of space and don't print many pages from day to day. Desktop photocopiers are designed to be sat on a desk, but the technology today allows for these photocopiers to be multifunctional with many of the same features as an A3 photocopier.  Desktop copiers are usually A4 devices but do rarely come in A3 too. The reason the A3 desktop photocopier is rare is due to the amount of parts inside the machine which increases the foot print of the hardware.

A3 Photocopiers

An A3 photocopier has many different functions that benefit businesses. These devices can handle both A4 and A4 paper giving you the best of both worlds. An office A3 photocopier prints high quality colour and black and white laser and ink jet finishes. A3 copiers a generally based on their pages per minute (ppm). The higher the demand of the business the higher the ppm you would require. 

Network Photocopiers

There are multiple ways that you connect your photocopier to your computer. if you are only looking to connect your device to one computer then it can be connected via the USB port. If your photocopier is going to be connected to multiple computers that it will need to be connected via your business network. This will allow each user in the business to connect to the photocopier wirelessly or through an ethernet cable so they can print and scan. Connecting your photocopier to the network gives your IT team and provider more control over its functions and security so it can monitor the machine with ease.

Photocopier brands


Canon photocopiers






Konica Minolta photocopiers

bizhub C227

bizhub C287

bizhub C450i

bizhub C458

bizhub C550i

Toshiba photocopiers

e-STUDIO2510AC series

e-STUDIO5015AC series

e-STUDIO7516AC series

e-STUDIO5008LP series

e-STUDIO5018A series

Kyocera photocopiers

ECOSYS M8124cidn

ECOSYS M8130cidn

TASKalfa 2553ci

TASKalfa 3253ci

TASKalfa 3212i

Sharp photocopiers






HP photocopiers

MFP E586

MFP E778

MFP E876

MFP P776

MFP P779

Xerox photocopiers

Versalink B7000 series

Versalink C7000 series

Altalink C8000 series

Altalink C8100 series

Altalink B8100 series

Epson photocopiers

WF-C17590 D4TWF


WF-C20600 D4TW

WF-C20750 D4TW

WF-C21000 D4TW

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